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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Types of hamster bites

I have been having hamsters for quite some time now. And hamster bites are often underrated. Based on my observations, there are like four levels of hamster bites, as follows:

Kilo Bite - This bite occurs when a hammy do not know if your finger is something edible. So, it'd try to nibble your finger with its teeth. When it gets comfortable enough, it'd go to the next level. This bites normally occur when your fingers smell of food, thus confusing the hammies. These bites are usually harmless and sometimes you might even like it.

Mega Bite - When a hamster is certain that your finger is some kind of food, it'd go ahead and bite you, the same way it'd bite a treat or something. It could bleed at times. Hamsters with poor eye-sight tend to do this, especially the red-eyed ones.

Giga Bite - This is the most common bite of all. When a hamster feels threatened, it would attack you. Note that most of the time the hamster does not wait to find out what is attacking it, so it'd just go all out. Sleeping hamsters or nursing mother hamster tend to do this. Normally it is hurtful and it is almost certain that you'd bleed from this kind of bite.

Tera Bite - The most disastrous and least experienced bite of all time. If you do not agree with me, probably your have not gone to this ultimate stage. Have you ever wondered when two hamsters are fighting and biting each other, how'd it feel? If you think it'd hurt like the above three levels, you are wrong. The pain that hamsters try to inflict on other hamsters during a fight is extra-ordinary. It is very unlikely for a hamster to willingly attack a human with this bite. So, wanna know why is this bite so disastrous? Check out the video below.

Viewer Discretion Is Advised

The reality of the contents of the video largely depends on viewer's imagination capability.

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